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 So you have decided to sell the house. The most important -is the price for which it is possible to realize the real estate. Natural desire of each seller to sell the house for a ceiling price and as soon as possible. For definition of real market cost participation of the professional is necessary. Only the skilled agent on the basis of knowledge, the analysis and information base can successfully resolve this problem.

For performance of this work it is necessary to know all about the similar houses sold at present, sold for last 1-3 months which not found the buyer and have been removed from sale. The selling agent is not interested in understating the price for your habitation as receives payment in the form of the fixed percent from the sum for which it will be sold. And overestimate of cost leads to long and ineffectual idle standing in the market. Business in that, having decided to sell the real estate, people in advance establish in the head the sum which it was to be received which more often fairly differs from a reality. As is known during sale always there is an element of the tender. And consequently I recommend the clients to raise the initial price a little.

That the unsophisticated buyer, has paid a little bit more, and another, having bargained, and having achieved some reduction of price, has remained is happy with successful purchase. In both cases you have sold the house, is not cheaper its real price.


One more point is important very much  - quantity of days in the market of sales. Here again time, unfortunately, not on the side of the seller. The houses which have not found the buyer within 4-8 weeks, as a rule, as a result are on sale on essential a reduced price. Let's assume, that on the expiration of this term the seller, at last, decides to reduce the price. But this measure can appear late and to not lead to expected result. Having seen this house, among others the agent of the buyer for certain will have a doubt for conformity of quality of the house to its price as houses under the real price in the market do not stand for a long time. Hence, first of all the buyer will look through fresh receipts. Search for a buyer is a long process, one of which components is the advertising campaign. The information of the selling real estate is placed in professional rielter system (Edgar), on popular sites (MLS), mass media (newspapers and radio) and also publicity boards in territory of the selling real estate. Some sellers are limited to advertising on the Internet and categorically oppose to accommodation of additional signs at the house, thus, narrowing a circle of potential buyers. The publicity board near the house, draws attention of inhabitants of street, and also of people, is simply passing by. Frequently friends ask the friends and relatives to search a house for them to lodge beside. Moreover, it is frequent people even casually appeared in your area, can appear as a result potential buyers. And in that and other case it can play the role realizations of the real estate.

The Canadian market is arranged so, that services of the agent are paid by the seller, instead of the buyer. Usually the commission makes 5-7 % depending on cost of the house. All stated above often meets us in practice. We would like, that you till the moment of sale, have read through this clause. We hope, our experience will protect you from mistakes, errors and will keep your time, nerves and is possible even considerable amount money.



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